Make your online shoppers happy with these 10 customer experience tips (part 2)

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In the first part of our article, we already gave you 5 super tips on how to improve the customer experience for your online shoppers. We discussed how important it is to make your website load fast, what are the advantages of creating a navigation strategy and overseeing the customer journey. We also talked about prioritizing well-written, strategically placed short content than filling your website with long and complicated text.

Furthermore, we mentioned using color psychology in your design and last, but not least, focusing on visuals that can not only create more visually appealing pages, but can also transmit messages and feelings, not to mention showcasing your products and services. Thankfully, in today’s digital age, you have plenty of options at your fingerprints to enhance the customer experience, so as you might already know, we’ve got a few more tips on how to create a positive and seamless relationship with your customers. In the followings, we are going to share with you 5 more tips. 


1. Simple check-out system

If you managed to successfully lead your customers through your pages and landed them on your check-out page, kudos to you. However, keep in mind that this stage is one of the most critical points. Even now, people can change their minds and leave your check-out page in a second. In case your check-out process is too complicated, the page loads slowly and it takes lots of clicks here and there to finalize the purchase, people will get frustrated. Remember, their attention span is short.

At this point, your main goal is to provide a seamless and most importantly quick easy to follow check-out process that allows your buyers to confirm their purchase in a few clicks. Also, make it possible for your visitors to save their carts. This way, in case they cannot finalize their order then, they can come back and send their order later without having to add all items again into the cart. 


2. Add a FAQ page

While some things might seem obvious to you, keep in mind that your visitors might not know as much about your business, services or products as you do. Inevitably, some people will have questions. To save yourself some time and enhance the customer experience at the same time, a well-detailed FAQ page can be a huge help.

Try to include topics such as shipping and return policy, exchange policy, details about the products and services you offer, sizing, materials, etc.  This way in case of a customer has a question regarding anything mentioned above, they can go to the FAQ page and find solutions without contacting you. 


3. Clear contact information

However, if a customer still wants to get in touch with you, make sure that you provide them all the necessary information. First of all, make it easy for your visitor to find the contact information on your page. Secondly, make sure that the process is simple and fast, and last, but not least, do not forget to monitor your messages and emails, so you can get notified when someone contacts you.

Also, people appreciate when businesses offer multiple ways to contact them, so try not to limit yourself to only a contact form. Instead, provide a phone number, an email address, an iMessage number, your social pages or even live chat options for people to get in touch with you.  


4. Offer live chat

The best and quickest way you can offer your customers to contact you is live chat. This not only provides a great solution, but also improves the online customer experience. Allowing your customer to real-time chat with you builds trust and enhances the customer relationship. And the best thing about it is that it works both ways and has advantages for both you and your customer.

People won’t have to pick up the phone and reach you, neither need to wait hours or even days to get a response from you. Needless to say, while they wait, they may change their mind about making the purchase.  


5. Do not forget about customer reviews

In today’s digital age, both online businesses and online shoppers have become increasingly reliant on customer reviews. These reviews help businesses establish their credibility and reputation. When it comes to customers, reviews help them understand what the products sold by the company look like, how are the services, how trustworthy a business is, how long shipping takes, etc.

Customer reviews turn the experiences of previous customers into useful help for potential customers that this way can make informed decisions. At this age, no matter what you sell or offer, keep in mind that people expect to see reviews. It is a crucial part of a good customer experience so make sure to showcase them on your website.


Final Thoughts

Now, let’s summarize the 10 tips we shared with you on how to improve the customer experience for your online shoppers:

  1. Make sure your website loads fast so your customer can quickly find the information they are looking for as fast as possible
  2. Build a smooth navigation strategy making sure there are no repetitive and unnecessary pop-ups, or clicks that will block your customer from browsing your website pages
  3. Use high-quality well-written content that is rather short and effective, than long and complicated
  4. Use high-quality visuals showcasing your products and services that help you gain credibility 
  5. Research color psychology trends and use colors that fit into your niche 
  6. Implement a simple check-out system that allows your customers to save their cart and finalize their orders in a few clicks
  7. Add a FAQ page that includes the most common questions about your business and product or services
  8. Create a contact page and provide multiple ways for your customers to get in touch with you
  9. Implement a live chat solution so your customers can real-time live chat with you
  10. Do not forget about customer reviews


We hope our articles gave you some inspiration on how to improve the customer experience! Implement at least a few of these tips discussed above and get ready for increased sales and happy customers! 

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