Make your online shoppers happy with these 10 customer experience tips (part 1)

customer experience tips on how to make your online shoppers happy

Are you interested in some expert customer experience tips you can use to give your online customers a wonderful shopping experience? Maintaining a good customer relationship is a crucial part of digital marketing and adds a lot to your success as an online business. That’s why you should always keep up with the latest trends and try to make sure that your visitors have the best shopping experience possible. With the abundance of shopping options customers have a short attention span and it is not always easy to get their attention.

You need to find a way to provide them with a seamless and enjoyable experience and lead them to take action on your pages. How – you might ask. Thankfully, to achieve these goals, you can rely on some excellent tips and implement them to improve the customer experience. So with today’s article, we are back with 10 effective tips that can help you to drive sales and increase customer loyalty. Ready? Without further ado, let’s take a close look at each one!


1. Make sure your website loads fast

Here’s the thing. If your website is slow, your customers won’t be happy. On the contrary, slow loading will drive your visitors and potential customers away, which really is a shame. That’s why you should always ensure that your website loads quickly, both on desktop and mobile devices. Try to keep the load time to just a few seconds or even less, so your visitors can quickly find what they are looking for.

It is also important to not forget about customers using mobile devices either. In 2023, the majority of people use their phones to search for information on the internet. Therefore, you should make sure that all pages are your website are mobile friendly and load quickly. 


2. Build a navigation strategy

To ensure a smooth customer experience, don’t forget about site searches. This includes creating a strong navigation strategy which means overseeing the customer journey. Customers should be able to navigate your website effortlessly, and to ensure this there are a few things you can do. For instance, try to limit unnecessary pop-ups and clicks that might stop your visitors from browsing your pages.

Similarly, you can add features such as auto-scroll which can help your visitors navigate your website much easier without losing interest. When creating the customer journey your main goal should be to provide an easy way for your visitor to find the right content quickly. 


3. Content is key

Speaking of content, without any exaggeration, the content you put on your pages is key. Quality is one thing, but we are not going to discuss that in-depth now. An experience content writer can help you address your customers properly with high-quality content, so don’t hesitate to hire someone who knows what makes copy good. What is important from the point of view of customer experience is simple: less is more.

This is so true when it comes to your website content. Do not bore your visitors with long and complicated texts. Instead, try to use short texts, create a list of the features of the products you sell, write powerful call to actions that are shorts and easy to understand. Avoid cluttering your visitor’s screen with long texts, lots of images and videos. Try to keep things as simple as you can. 


4.  Focus on visuals

This one is strongly connected to our previous point where we told you that less is more, especially when it comes to words. Now, we think you will agree with us on this when we say that a well-made photo that is able to transmit the right message speaks a thousand words. Photos are not only visually appealing, but they can also showcase your products or services. Customers can see how good quality the products are and how your services work. If you sell toys, post pictures of children playing with those toys.

The same is true if you sell home decorations. Make sure to share pictures on your website with these products placed in homes, so people can see what they can expect if they purchase those products. Other than that, images can also create a unique connection between your business and customers. They can be reassuring and make the customer want to own those products or opt for those services. Needless to say, always stick to high quality images only.  


5. Pay attention on the colors you use

Hear us out. Color psychology is real and you can achieve more than you can image by simply using the right colors on your website. Be that your logo, the background of your pages, the color of the fonts or the color of the call to action buttons. Colors can give you a great advantage in creating a not only visually appealing style of your website, but one that your visitors can enjoy looking at.

Each color has a certain meaning attached to it. A good designer will never ignore color psychology. For example, the color green stands for freshness, health and abundance, so in case you have a business that is connected to nature and natural products, do not hesitate to use green on your pages. In case you offer luxury services or sell luxury good, you cannot go wrong with purple, as purple symbolises wealth, royalty and sophistication.

Also, when it comes to colors, make sure to use them wisely when it comes to your buttons. Make your call to action buttons stand out by using different colors than the background of your page. This way your visitors will easily notice them, so they won’t waste any second with searching for them.  


Final Thoughts

Now that we got to the end of the first part of our article, it is time to make some conclusions. As you could see a good customer experience is key for the success of your business. It is always room to make improvements and enhance the customer experience for your online shoppers. Luckily, there are lots of thing you can do, and as you could see in this article, these solutions are not only effective, but simple as well. It won’t take you much time and effort to implement the tips outlined above.

Using a few of these tips can easily create a much more positive and seamless experience for your online shoppers. The most important thing you should keep in mind is that improving the customer experience is a forever ongoing process that requires your dedication and attention to the needs of your potential custerms and customer relationship trends. By implementing these tips, you can create a positive and memorable customer experience that will lead to increased number of sales and customer loyalty.

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