8 tips to redesign your website for better conversion

website redesign for better conversion

New web design, new web design trends… It’s like a neverending carousel, we know. Things are constantly changing, user behavior is constantly changing and so should the way you approach the design of your website. So is it time to redesign your website? If you ask us, our answer is a confident yes.

A new layout, fresh graphics, resized fonts, and the overall modernization of your web pages can help you maintain or even improve your conversion value. How? Easier than you would think! We collected 8 simple tips you can rely on to redesign your website for better conversion. Let’s take a closer look at each!

#1 Optimize all your web pages for conversion

Successful companies optimize all of the web pages of their websites for conversions. Just look at your pages, subpages and search for conversion options. These can be call-to-actions, shop buttons, you can insert contact forms for your visitors to fill them in, place newsletter subscriptions, etc. Your options to redesign your website for better conversion are plenty, you just have to gather ideas and fill the loopholes. 

#2 Use slider on your home page

We’re sure you are familiar with this one, so why not use it in your own design? Big brands such as Amazon, usually have a slider on their homepage with a maximum of 4 images you can scroll. It is worth using this space wisely. You can use the slider section of your main page to promote your current offers and campaigns, highlight certain products or services. 

#3 Use pictograms

If you want to convey more information without making your pages too crowded by text, use pictograms. If designed well, they can perfectly describe and present your products or services.

#4 Insert video 

We don’t think this one will surprise you. The power of video in today’s marketing is undeniable. People prefer watching videos to reading, so if you want to catch their attention, keep them listening and most importantly, convert, when you redesign your website, make sure to place videos wherever you can. Quality is key, so you might want to hire a professional to create these videos and showcase your brand in the most pleasing way. 

#5 Make sure your fonts have the right size

When you redesign your website, make sure you check not only your fonts but their size as well. For flowing text, it is recommended to use a 15 font size, but sometimes a 16 font size is the ideal option. It really depends on the design of your website. Headlines obviously need a bigger font size, so do highlights, call-to-actions, and buttons. If you are not sure about which font size fits the best your web design, ask for a second option or hire a professional graphic designer to help you out.  

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#6 Try interactive forms

Interactive forms don’t necessarily sell your products or services directly, but they are important in terms of interaction with your customers. They can help with segmentation, which can be a very useful tool for your remarketing strategy.

#7 Opt for an abstract design

If you are ready to redesign your website and focus on conversion, you have to look at current trends. What website designs are popular right now? Well, it seems like one of the most exciting and emerging trends lately is the use of abstract designs and the use of abstract illustrations. These can make your website more unique, more fun, and more professional than using stock images. So if you don’t have access to a good photographer who can create pictures for you to use across your website, say no to stock photos and opt for an abstract design instead.  

#8 Leave more empty space

Less is more, really. This is particularly true in the case of your web design. Instead of making your pages too crowded with text, pictures, videos, buttons, try to eliminate unnecessary elements and leave more empty space. Do this first with your home page. Start with the slider. Remove unnecessary texts or images, shorten your headlines. If you put too many things out there, people will find it difficult to focus on the main information and they might even miss your calls to action. 

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