Why is your site not converting?

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Many websites have a really high bounce rate, even if people are visiting them, they don’t stay, don’t come back and more importantly, aren’t converting into your loyal customers. No matter the case. WordPress, static, ecommerce, Page Builders, Drupal, Laravel, personal portfolio or large enterprise websites. Any framework, any CMS, any website.

If your website has any of these, you are losing potential revenue and converting customers:

  • the site is based on a pre-made template/theme
  • loading time is above 1 second
  • missing, too few, too many or bland call-to-action areas and buttons (“Learn more” is a good example for a bad CTA)
  • mobile version is just a simple downsizing
  • not appropriately ranked in Search Engines
  • not unique and distinguishable
  • full of plugins which provide countless useless functions besides the ones you want
  • these plugins are responsible for speed and performance
  • landing page contains a lot of text, not enough spacing (crowded)
  • font/background color contrast is not enough
  • too many menu items


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Here are some of the properties to check and fix on most websites that perform badly:

If your website is slow you are losing customers and money. People don’t have patience on the internet.
Hacking a website is incredibly easy and dangerous, especially when using popular CMS like WordPress, on an unsecured server config, but it can be avoided.
SEO – Search Engine Optimization
If your site is hard to find, you will not have too many conversions either.
Brand Identity
Are your company’s goals and meanings really expressed? Do users really get the difference between you and all the others? Not for the majority of websites. This is a common and very serious issue, mostly caused by using themes, templates or drag&drop websites builders/plugins. Your website should reflect the quality and value of your products, either physical, digital or intellectual value.
Style & Graphics
Your website deserves to be unique and expressive, to really drive sales and conversions. Studying the competition, finding their weak points and address them on your site is a huge advantage.
Color Palette
The majority of websites are simply based on the company color palette, which is just a small part of the real deal, and not always the best choice.
Mobile Responsiveness
Themes and templates seem to solve the mobile matter just fine: they resize and move elements of your pages to fit and match the device. But reality is different. Every business has different needs, and different customers.
Is it easy for your users to find the right link? Is buying on your ecommerce a pleaseant AND easy experience? Or is it too complicated? Maybe your website is visually stunning, but fails to facilitate call to actions.
Did you know that about 15% of online users have a sight disability of some kind, and your website may be almost impossible for them to browse? Are you ignoring 15% of your possible income?
This is a sum of all the other points, but the main idea is this: your users must like to be on your site.
The only way to be truly competitive is to have a website coded in the new, updated standard of the web. The majority of premium themes/templates aren’t even close to a good level of speed and optimization. The hosting server is very important. It doesn’t matter if it’s a shared hosting, a VPS or a self-hosted server, without specific tweaking to make your site run the best it can, is of vital importance, especially if you expect significant traffic.
Media and images
You can host high quality videos and hundreds of images, but only in the right formats, accurate optimizations and a smart use of CDNs. Too many websites load multiple megapixel images for a thumbnail. This will make the site slow, drive away customers and at the same time increase your bandwidth and storage costs.
It’s easy to lose control and puzzle up dozens of plugins to add functions, but always at the cost of speed and security. Some WordPress plugins entirely devastate your site speed for a functionality that can be otherwise solved with a couple of lines of custom code.

Check your website and make sure it performs at maximum efficiency!

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