15 reasons why you should use WordPress to create your business website


When you start to plan to create a business website, it is impossible not to come across WordPress. WordPress is literally the most popular content management system on the web, with more than 75 million websites using its framework to promote their business or blog. Along with that, nothing else proves the success of WordPress better than the fact that over 27% of all existing websites use WordPress CMS. Undoubtedly, The WordPress content management system offers great opportunities for both beginner developers and more experienced users.

So if you are wondering whether or not it is worth using WordPress, you can simply trust the choice all those businesses decided to make or you can dig a little deeper. In this article, we are going to look behind the success of WordPress and see what features make it so popular. Ready? If yes, let’s take a look at each:


#1 WordPress is a free, open-source content management system


Both WordPress.com and WordPress.org are free to use. WordPress.com is an easy-to-use solution for people who are complete beginners, especially those into blogging. But as soon as you want to build a more serious money-making website, you should definitely choose WordPress.org, which can be hosted and customized with a wide range of plug-ins, tools, extensions, etc.


The WordPress software has been a free framework since 2003. But keep in mind, that doesn’t mean you never have to spend money on your website. You still have to figure out the hosting space,  so you need to reckon with a particular fee you will pay for your hosting provider. The price can vary depending on how much data you want to store and what quality of service you choose. Many providers offer the installation of WordPress software as standard, which can be installed seamlessly with about a click.


WordPress also has a huge selection of free templates. However, if you choose a Premium template or extension that you want to use to customize your new website to suit your branding the best, it will also cost you money. So all in all, everything that includes website development in WordPress can be done for free, but if you want, you can opt for premium features which will cost you some money. 


#2 You can create any type of website with WordPress


One of the biggest mistakes about WordPress is that it is only suited for blogging. Undoubtedly, if we look back to the history of WordPress, it really started like that, but over the years it went through a lot of changes and development. However, at the same time, WordPress kept the blogging feature. As in the case of most websites, you will first create the design, build the pages, and then decide that you should add a blog to your site as well. With WordPress, this is a basic feature, no matter whether you create a webshop or a website with it. 

So what types of websites can you use WordPress for? The list is truly endless. With WordPress CMS you can create blogs, business websites, portfolios, forums, webshops, e-learning platforms, chat rooms, galleries, personal, brand builder websites, ask and answer websites, non-profit websites, knowledge bases, auctions, coupon page websites, job placement websites, landing pages, etc. The list could go on indefinitely.


#3 WordPress supports many media types


It is key to build your website on a CMS platform that supports the most commonly used media types, otherwise, you will have difficulties. You might not need this feature at the beginning, but as your business grows, you most probably will need a good CMS with strong and reliable media support. When it comes to WordPress, this won’t be an issue, as it supports many media types, including pictures, documents, audio, and video. 


#4 You can use it immediately


As soon as you decide to install WordPress, you can start developing your business website. No need to bother with complicated, time-consuming configurations, instead you can immediately start creating your design, and your pages, uploading your content, and using other basic features such as social feeds, posts, etc.


#5 You can be part of a huge support community


Being an open-source content management system, anyone can use WordPress. It is free and not tied to coding knowledge. Needless to say, if you want to create a more serious and complicated website, you will need to hire a professional with thorough knowledge, but honestly, anyone can create a website in WordPress. Modern drag and drop builders offer great help for a user with basic or no knowledge at all.

In addition, you get to be a part of a huge support community on WordPress forums. If you have more time than money, and you would rather gain some technical knowledge than pay a professional, you can also find plenty of training videos on Youtube that will help you learn the basics of WordPress.


#6 You can boost your website with a broad range of extensions and templates


There are plenty of free and paid templates and plug-ins to make your website unique. No matter what type of template you imagined or what plugin and extension your website needs, you most likely will find something you like. But be careful. Building a basic blog or a simple website is easy, but excessive or unnecessary use of extensions can lead to unexpected problems. You may want to use them wisely or entrust a developer with coding knowledge.

This way, even without extensions, you can enjoy the desired result without installing too many extensions that may slow down your website.


#7 WordPress websites are easy to manage


If you don’t want to hire an expert to handle the maintenance or updating of your website you can easily do all the things yourself. With only basic WordPress knowledge, you can update and manage your WordPress website without any issues. However, mistakes can be made anytime, so here’s a checklist to keep in mind when it comes to managing your website:


  • Make sure your server is working properly
  • Pay attention to security
  • Perform regular backups
  • Update your WordPress software, templates, and extensions regularly
  • Keep an eye on SEO


#8 WordPress websites are SEO friendly 


Even the most basic WordPress websites have an SEO-friendly design that can be boosted easily with the right SEO extension. Yoast or the new Hope Rank Math, which includes paid elements of Yoast for free, such as the schema, or the use of multiple keywords can be your best advice when it comes to figuring out the search engine optimization of your website content. 


#9 WordPress gives you full ownership of your website


You have several options if you want to create a business website. Wix, Magento, or custom website creation platforms all have their advantages. However, compared to these, the biggest advantage of WordPress is that your website becomes your own property that you can manage. 


#10 WordPress is the best platform for blogging


At this point, we bet you are not surprised about the fact that WordPress was originally invented for blogging. However, as we mentioned earlier, this doesn’t mean that WordPress is suited for blogging only. Sure, there are competitors on the market, but the truth is that none of the CMS platforms are as flexible and as easy to customize as WordPress. Needless to say, both features are crucial in the case of a blog. 


#11 Your WordPress site can be edited by several people


If you want to assign your employees or people you work with to edit your website, nothing will stop you from doing that. You can easily assign roles in WordPress in a second. Here’s the list of roles you can choose from: super admin, administrator, editor, author, contributor, subscribing, SEO manager, and SEO editor.


#12 Display of recommendations and evaluations


A proven tactic for growing your professional credibility and trustworthiness as a person or business is to display recommendations, opinions, and ratings on your website. Thankfully, WordPress has a great number of extensions available that make it easy to publish customer testimonials and reviews on your pages, so go for it!


#13 WordPress is safe


Due to the high popularity of WordPress, there is no doubt that hackers are becoming more interested in WordPress websites. But what is important to understand is that by constantly updating WordPress, the templates, and the extensions, changing your password regularly, and choosing a trusted hosting provider, you can minimize the risk. The team at WordPress is constantly updating the CMS and its plug-ins to provide maximum security to all users across the globe.


#14 It is mobile friendly


Google already penalizes non-mobile websites for reclassification in the results list. You won’t have a problem with this when using WordPress as your CMS platform. Most WordPress themes are very responsive and work great on mobile devices. 


#15 WordPress is constantly evolving


WordPress is constantly evolving and so do the websites that are made in WordPress. All this is possible because of its open-source system which allows users to have quick access to new enhancements, extensions, and templates that are constantly coming in. 


Final Thoughts


So, why should you use WordPress for your business website? As a wrap-up, let’s refresh our memory and take a quick look at the best reasons that make WordPress the most popular CMS platform in the world:


  1. It is a free, open-source content management system
  2. You can create any type of website with WordPress
  3. It supports many media types
  4. You can use it immediately
  5. It has a huge support community
  6. You can boost your website with a broad range of extensions and templates
  7. WordPress websites are easy to manage
  8. WordPress websites are SEO friendly 
  9. It gives you full ownership of your website
  10. It is the best platform for blogging
  11. Your website can be edited by several people
  12. It allows the simple display of recommendations and evaluations
  13. It is safe
  14. It is mobile friendly
  15. It is constantly evolving


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