5 Simple Reasons Why You Need A Business Website

business website

Consumer behavior has been changing over the last few decades. Just think of how many times you rely on the internet before buying any product. If you own a business but don’t have a business website, you are missing an ample opportunity. 

You have to recognize the value of having a website, among other benefits, it allows you to reach out to your current and potential customers. You can be present 24/7, even when your physical location isn’t open for business. It helps you advertise your goods around the web and social media platforms establishing credibility. It also helps you build a wider client base. Below, we have gathered 5 reasons why you should make an online website.


#1 Claim your place in the industry by being professional

Did you know that three-quarters of consumers won’t take you seriously unless you have a business website? People tend to research the company’s website before making a decision to acquire a product. If you have a growing business but wish to compete with the giants of the industry, you will need to build a strong online presence for your brand. Your website should be like an enhanced business card, a go-to place where the customers can look up your business profile and learn about your brand before they make a decision on a possible order. It should allow people to read about your products, see your price offers, read the customer reviews, track their orders, etc. 

Creating a website for your business does not only offer credibility but positive reviews, too. Great content and an eye-catching design can make you stand out from your competition. 


#2 Attract new customers and grow your business

In most cases, the primary purpose of a website is to establish brand identity and enlarge your online customer base. You can grow your business by making yourself more visible. In order to do that you need to optimize your website. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is responsible for your business to appear on the first page of Google. You can use a keywords research tool to look up some relevant keywords to your brand, verify the ones that get the most traffic on Google, then build your content around those words. But SEO is so much more than that! In our previous blog, we discussed some tips and tricks on how you can enhance your website traffic with the help of SEO

A well-optimized business website will rank higher, and generate more traffic. Bear in mind that keywords should be used naturally throughout your content, not squeezed in whenever you can. You may use them for instance in the meta description, header, title, URL link, and a few times in the main text itself.

When you make a website for your business you should focus on captivating the newcomers and give them a reason to revisit your website, increasing their chance to become loyal customers. You can do this by building a community,  writing blogs, creating webshops, or any new content that keeps people preoccupied with your brand.

You can also use Google Ads to drive traffic to your business and reach more people who are searching for products similar to what you offer. Google Ads helps you advertise and promote your goods, which boosts your traffic and generates in-store visits.


#3 Showcase your products and services

Displaying your products online is the best way to show your visitor what you have to offer. When clients visit your website you only have a few seconds to get their attention. An easy way to convince the visitor to spend more time on your website is to showcase your products in the best way possible. When showcasing a product you should focus on the homepage of your website, it should be clear, organized, and descriptive, so visitors can easily understand the nature of your business.

You can also build your own online shop to sell your products and services. You will only need a domain name (the name of your online store) and a web hosting account (the place where your website exists on the internet). Joomla or Shopify are excellent eCommerce platforms, where you can sell your goods online fast and easily.

A well-written product description is essential for e-commerce and product selling. You can hire a copywriter to research the trending keywords, build up well-written content and attract visitors to your website.


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#4 Build credibility by displaying customer reviews and testimonials

Customer reviews and testimonials are written reflections of your client’s experience with your products and services. Every customer needs reassurance that the products which they intend to buy have the best quality and the previous buyers are satisfied with them. When creating a business website pay attention to transparency, so your visitors will take you for a serious and trustworthy business. Building authenticity of your business will later result in long-term relationships with your customer base. 

Another highly effective element that will draw your visitors’ attention is numbers. Our eyes catch numbers faster than the same information in a text format. List your awards, years on the market, number of professionals that work for your company, the number of satisfied clients, and so on.


#5 Encourage people to get in touch with you

Does “contact us if you need more information” sound familiar to you? Well, you should encourage your visitors to get in touch with you, whether they wanna place an order, ask for more details, or ask for help. You can easily set up a separate page on your website, which should include a phone number, email address, text messages, iMessage, office address, social media account, and even a contact form. These business communications forms are a great way of demonstrating to your visitors the value of their time and the amount of respect you show towards them. Keep in mind that in order to gain success on this part, it’s not enough to list and implement these features, you also need to show responsiveness. Clients expect your response in a short amount of time so that you can create a better professional relationship with them.

Besides, finding your contact information online, clients can also search for your physical address. Pinpointing your store or office address to Google Maps is also a smart choice, this way people can find you in real-time and get directions the moment they want to visit you.


Do I Need a Business Website? Here’s our verdict:

Yes, you do! It is the quickest and most efficient marketing tool that you can use to impress current and potential customers. Even small businesses can benefit from it since it has a more extensive reach than any other form of advertising. When creating your website don’t forget to optimize it for hand-held devices such as mobile phones. A non-mobile-friendly site can be hard to view and use as it requires users to zoom in to view its content. As for another beneficial marketing technique, address your leads and customers with strong CTAs, encouraging them to get in touch with your business.

All summed up, a website can help small businesses grow, increase their flexibility, build their branding and credibility. As Bill Gates once said: “If your business is not on the Internet then your business will be out of business”. 

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