10 Tips To Rely On If You Want To Grow Your Website Traffic (Part 2)

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If you liked our latest blog about how to increase your website traffic, you will surely enjoy this one as well. Previously, we shared 10 proven tips that you can try to attract more visitors to your website and maintain high traffic. Today we are going to continue with our collection of ideas, giving you 10 more tips that we as marketers and website developers usually rely on.

Ready? Let’s get it started!


#1 Boost your traffic with email marketing

Sometimes the best things are the simplest things. When it comes to content marketing, most people think of complicated advertisement strategies and campaigns that let’s be honest can cost a lot. But sometimes a simple and traditional thing as email marketing can be the powerful tool you need to increase the number of visitors on your website. Try to update your audience of the latest changes in your business, let them know if you have any new products they can take a look at, inform them about special discount codes and promotions, send your best wishes on special occasions. But be careful not to be too much, otherwise, you will risk people unsubscribing. 


#2 Make sure your visitors can comfortably navigate your website

The era of desktop viewers is over. Ok, not totally over, people are still using PCs and laptops, but more and more mobile people choose to use mobile devices to access the internet. When creating your business website you need to keep this in mind and make sure your website is accessible from mobile devices. If your visitors cannot navigate comfortably the website, they will not only bounce back, but they won’t come back either. Definitely not the thing you want when trying to grow your traffic.


#3 Have a website as fast as possible

A great user experience starts at fast loading. Make sure your website is correctly optimized so it can be fast enough when visitors try to navigate it. There is nothing more annoying than having to wait for ages for a website to load, and let’s be real, no one will do that. To avoid people choosing your competition over your business because of the slow loading of your pages, hire a professional who can resolve the issues and optimize the website pages correctly. 


#4 Build a community

If your visitors feel that they are part of a community, they will most likely come back from time to time to maintain their relationship with your business and other customers. To build a community you can implement a commenting system in your website, create a dedicated forum or a group on social media channels where your customers can change ideas, ask questions or simply share their experience with the services or products you offer. 


#5 Use the comment section to attract new people

You might be surprised how easily you can raise awareness of your business by simply leaving a comment here and there. You probably follow a few pages or sites that integrate into your niche, so why would you stay quiet when there are thousands or even more potential clients there who might be needing your help and insight? Make yourself heard by leaving some meaningful comments that can be valuable and they will notice you. 


#6 Check your data

Google Analytics is your best friend when it comes to seeing what works and what doesn’t. It can show you user demographics, how your pages deliver, your most popular product, or the less purchased service, it truly has every data you need. Check your metrics regularly to understand what’s going on in the background, what issues you deal with, or what issues your visitors are experiencing. Do this especially if the traffic of your website drops because most likely there is a problem you should know about. Once you know what causes the problem, you can fix it and focus again on maintaining your website traffic. 


#7 Use social media wisely

Your simple presence on social media won’t do much. Neither is posting good content. What you should do is get active, get involved. Start a conversation. Ask the opinion of your audience. Not only ask, but also reply. If they reach out to you with a question in the comment section, offer them a meaningful answer. The same goes for the messages you get in your inbox. If you receive feedback (good or bad) make sure you don’t forget to say thanks.


#8 Network

Networking can help you a lot to promote your business and reach new people. Try to inform yourself about conferences and events organized in your niche and attend them. These events are great opportunities to spread the word and invite people to learn about your business, including your website.


#9 Host webinars or online events

Your customers, especially your loyal customers are interested to hear about your new products or the details of the services you offer. Creating a webinar or an online event is a great way to create a closer relationship with your customers and attract new ones. Not to mention the boost it does give to your website traffic! An easy way to do this is to create a landing page where people can sign up for your event and promote it through your social media channels. People will click and chances are they will stay to look around. 


#10 Learn about your competition

There’s no better way to be better than your competition than actually knowing how your competition works. Research the companies that offer the same or similar products or services you do. Focus on the things they do better than you, but also take into consideration the pain points you notice. Once you learn what they are good at or what common mistakes you share, you can take a step ahead and improve your website. People will appreciate it. 


Final Thoughts

Let’s summarize! In today’s article and in the one we posted previously, we discussed 20 things you can do to increase your website traffic. Here’s a quick recap:


  1. Use the power of social media
  2. Advertise your business
  3. Mix your content
  4. Write compelling headlines that cannot be ignored
  5. Optimize for on-page SEO
  6. Promote your business by guest blogging 
  7. Bring guest bloggers to your website
  8. Post content on Linkedin
  9. Don’t forget to insert internal links 
  10. Interview professionals 
  11. Boost your traffic with email marketing
  12. Make sure your visitors can comfortably navigate your website
  13. Have a website as fast as possible
  14. Build a community
  15. Use the comment section to attract new people
  16. Check your data
  17. Use social media wisely
  18. Network
  19. Host webinars or online events
  20. Learn about your competition