Why Gutenberg is the Best Page Builder for WordPress

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Are you trying to find a page builder for your WordPress website that’s powerful and easy to use? If so, you may have come across Gutenberg. This block-based editor comes pre-installed with every WordPress website, and it allows you to easily create and customize the layout and content of your pages and posts without any coding knowledge. But why is Gutenberg the best option over other page builders? Here are a few reasons:

Gutenberg is fast and lightweight

First, Gutenberg is fast and lightweight. Other page builders can slow down your website because they require additional plugins and resources.

But Gutenberg is built into the core of WordPress, so you don’t have to worry about extra weight on your pages or slower loading times. This is important for both user experience and search engine rankings.

Easy to use

Second, Gutenberg is simple to use. It has a block-based interface that lets you easily add, move, and customize elements like text, images, videos, and buttons. If you’re familiar with the WordPress editor, you’ll find Gutenberg similar but with more flexibility and customization options.

Plus, there are many third-party blocks available to further enhance your pages.

Flexibility and customization

Third, Gutenberg offers a lot of flexibility and customization. You can choose from various block types and customize their appearance with options like colors, fonts, and sizes.

Gutenberg also has pre-designed templates and the ability to create your own custom layout using blocks. You can also use the Customizer to make global design changes to your site, such as the font and color scheme.

Gutenberg integrates with other WordPress features

Lastly, Gutenberg integrates well with other WordPress features like widgets and menus. It also works with popular WordPress plugins like WooCommerce and Gravity Forms, which lets you easily add e-commerce or form functionality to your pages without any extra plugins or resources.


In conclusion, Gutenberg is a great choice for a page builder because it’s fast, easy to use, and offers a lot of customization. It’s built into WordPress, and it integrates with other features and popular plugins.

If you want a reliable and efficient page builder for your WordPress website, give Gutenberg a try. You’ll be able to build beautiful and effective pages in no time.


Ready to give Gutenberg a try on your WordPress website? Start building beautiful and effective pages today!