The top 5 benefits of modular website designs

modular website

Do you need a website fast that is cheap, yet high-quality? No matter if it is for you or your clients, a professionally developed modular website might be the best option you can opt for if you want to get things done quickly.

But what is a modular website exactly and what benefits does it offer? In today’s article, we are going to take a closer look at modular website designs and the reasons they are a good choice for fast and quality website development!


What is a modular website design?


To understand how modular website designs work, first, we need to take a look at traditional website designs. These involve a page-based design process. This means that a unique page template is used for each type of page on the website. 

In the case of modular design, we create a complex design system with reusable patterns and components. During the design process, these components can be combined in various ways across the website. Modular website design allows you to create 100% unique pages with almost no effort or difficulty. 


The benefits of modular website design


Now that we understand the difference between a regular website design and a modular one, let’s see what are the most important advantages of a modular website design.


#1 Quality design


There are many aspects that make a design high-quality, but one thing is sure: repetition and consistency are key factors. Modular designs are built by repeating the same components and patterns throughout the whole website, so both factors can be perfectly fulfilled. 


#2 Limit the number of complete page designs required


When creating the design, modular websites allow you to limit the number of complete page designs required. All you need to do is identify the components that you will reuse. Once you designed these components, you can easily combine them into a wide variety of layouts, there’s no need to create full-page designs with multiple variations.


#3 Efficient website development and maintenance


As modular designs define reusable elements, the whole development process is more efficient. Just think about it, all components need to be made once, then you can reuse them across the website. This way when you start to develop a new page, you just need to use the already built components. Obviously, this is why modular website designs can be developed fast compared to custom-made designs.


#4 They are cost-efficient


As the creation of these websites requires less time and less effort, they are more affordable compared to other website designs. If you opt for a modular design, in case you want an update in the future, you can easily add new components or modify the existing ones without spending horrible amounts for a full redesign.


#5 Gives more control to editors


There are many reasons why editors love modular websites. But the most important factor is that it gives them more control thanks to the good content management system. By only using the components, even editors with no development knowledge can easily create professional pages.


Final Thoughts


As you can see, modular websites allow you to develop professional, consistent, easy-to-manage websites that customers can easily navigate. These designs are high-quality, efficient, and cost-efficient, a win-win for developer and user.

In case you need a modular website developed fast for your business or for your clients, don’t hesitate to send us a message and request a price offer. We are looking forward to learning about your goals and meeting your needs!