What is PHP and what are its 10 advantages you should know about


Developed by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994, PHP has been around for over two decades. It is a widely known server-side scripting language used by web developers to create new websites. But what makes PHP such a powerful solution?

In today’s article, we are going to take a closer look at PHP and discuss the 10 most important advantages that make this web development solution so popular and widely used.  


The advantages of PHP


#1 Open source

PHP is open-source and free to use. This only is a huge advantage, as it is readily available for use. Developers can choose from a wide variety of frameworks and install them fast together with all the necessary tools and features. Thanks to PHP web development can be done quickly and easily, and this is a quality that both beginner and more experienced web developers are looking for. 


#2 Simple and easy-to-use

Another important feature of PHP is that it is simple and easy to use. This can be especially useful for beginner web developers as they can easily learn how to use the solution. The code itself is so organized and easy to learn that even those with no programming skills are able to work in PHP.


#3 Supported by all operating systems

Being a platform-independent solution, PHP is supported by all operating systems, including Linux, Windows, etc. This means that you can run applications developed in PHP on any platform, integrate them with any other programming languages or databases without needing to worry about re-development. 


#4 It is fast

Based on tests and comparisons, PHP is the fastest programming language. PHP helps the website load very quickly and easily, even when the internet speed is slow. Needless to say, fast loading is key when developing websites, so this is another feature that makes PHP a top-notch solution that developers truly appreciate.


#5 Secure connection with databases

PHP comes with a built-in module that is made to help secure connections with databases. Many web applications require a strong and secure database connection, so when choosing a programming language it is crucial to make sure that it has an excellent database management system.


#6 Security

Now that we mentioned secure connection to databases, we need to take some time to appreciate the security that comes with PHP solutions. Thanks to the built-in features and tools, PHP frameworks are significantly more secure compared to others against attacks and security threats such as forgery, data tampering, etc. 


#7 Support

Having access to high-quality, reliable supper can make a huge difference when creating websites. Luckily, PHP comes with a great support system that offers help in such issues as code writing and web application development. 


#8 Easy maintenance

No matter what type of product we are talking about, easy maintenance is key. The PHP framework is so popular exactly for this reason: it is mostly used to make both the development process and the maintenance of web applications easy. PHP allows us to maintain the code automatically which is an absolute positive feature web developers adore!


#9 Testing

Another feature that makes PHP-based web applications so popular is that they can be easily tested. The tests can be run quickly and easily, and PHP also helps programmers to write test cases without needing to write additional code. 


#10 PHP is stable

Compared to other programming languages, PHP is more stable. The reason is simple: PHP has been on the market for over two decades. During this time bugs and issues have come to the surface and developers had time to fix these. The result is a very stable, reliable version of PHP that can be trusted and easily used.


Final Thoughts


We hope you enjoyed our article about the advantages of PHP-based web applications. Obviously, there are many more reasons why you should go with PHP when developing a website, so make sure to check back soon for more information on the matter.

Here at Platinaxe, we develop beautiful, professional PHP-based websites, so in case you need help with creating yours, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! We are looking forward to hearing from you and starting to work on the website that gives the right impression about your business!


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