What is Google Cloud Platform and how can it help your business?

Google Cloud Platform

Without any doubts, the business world is going through a digital transformation. Most companies have already switched to online solutions and others are planning to make the necessary improvements. There are many websites on the internet, we encounter not only e-commerce sites but websites offering finance, health, law services, etc. All websites on the internet need to be on solid foundations. Foundations that can be created based on the needs of the business. But how does Google Cloud come into the picture? Why do you need it and how can it help your business?

Well, the answer is simple. One of the most important technical decisions you as a business owner need to make is selecting the online infrastructure your business is laid down on. Due to its efficiency, availability, and security, more and more companies are choosing the cloud as their online solution. And one of the most popular cloud services along with Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure is, and yes, you guessed it right, the Google Cloud Platform.

In today’s article, we are going to take a close look at Google Cloud and discuss the features and advantages of the platform. Ready? Without further ado, let’s get into it.


What is Google Cloud Platform?


The Google Cloud Platform (also known as GCP) is a set of cloud-based computing services and tools by Google. Google not only provides the server space but also allows users to build their own infrastructure to suit their business needs. Currently, GCP offers more than 170 cloud services, devices, and components that can be freely added to or removed from the infrastructure, depending on your business’s current and future needs.


The best Google Cloud Platform features:


  • easy application launching, no matter what technology they are made with
  • introduction of new features without modifying the existing ones, so no major changes are required to be made on the server
  • security – protection against external attacks and identification of threats within the organization
  • secure and safe storage of files, objects, and all types of content
  • creating and using a wide variety of databases
  • instant data processing and real-time synchronization
  • creation and management of networks that are secure and provide high performance
  • process monitoring, fault tracking, and identification of bottlenecks
  • an easy-to-use development interface with libraries, tools, and private storage
  • analysis and management of huge amounts of data (BigData)
  • development of artificial intelligence (AI)
  • machine learning (ML)
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • creating, managing, and monitoring the use of APIs (application programming interfaces), and hybrid and multi-cloud solutions
  • migration between solutions


You can install and develop any product on the Google Cloud Platform, whether it’s a blog, mobile app, BigData analytics platform, enterprise ERP system, or machine-learning software. By choosing the right components for your cloud-based infrastructure, you can get the full potential out of your product with relatively low maintenance costs.


The advantages of the Google Cloud Platform



Unlike other infrastructure solutions, if you choose to rely on the Google Cloud Platform, you will only pay for what you actually use – and that per second. If the application is not running, there is no cost. Even during peak hours, there is enough space available in the cloud to maintain the high availability your website needs. But you don’t need to worry, the Google Cloud Premier Partner or the Google platform itself will still optimize costs.



The Google Cloud Platform guarantees the highest stability and uptime among popular carriers. This means that your website, application, or system will be available 24 hours a day, regardless of the number of users or the amount of data processed.



Security is one of the key business values ​​Google offers. Just think about it, Google has been developing its digital security model for more than 20 years. Current solutions have a number of control procedures (including encryption, advanced authentication system, access control, access logs, etc.). The Google Cloud Platform is regularly audited, so safety should not be your concern at all.



Google offers a number of services and tools that you can freely combine, paying per second. This allows you to focus on your business development, bypassing problems with maintaining physical servers, limited disk space, lack of scalability, overload, or unrealistically high costs.


Final Thoughts


As you could see, Google Cloud Platforms supports the organization, and the business, allowing solutions to seamlessly adapt to changing needs. Putting your business on a strong foundation is key and Google Cloud is definitely one of the best and most convenient options you can choose.

We hope you enjoyed our article and we are looking forward to seeing you in the next one!