Platinaxe Q&A: 10 questions you might want to ask us


Do you need help with a project, but you are not sure if we are a good fit to work together? In today’s article, we created a list of 10 questions that might help you decide whether or not we have the assets you need to reach your business goals.

Without further ado, here comes the questions and answers to help you learn more about our team and the process we follow:


#1 Question: I’m not sure if I can reach out to you with my project. What type of clients do you work with? 

If you are not sure whether or not our teams are for you, let’s start with a quick introduction. Here, at Platinaxe, we offer a complete team of experienced web developers, QA, testers, project managers, graphic designers, and photographers. You can easily opt for our services if you need cost-effective IT talent for your project or you are interested in developing new products without defocusing the core team. Furthermore, you can reach out to us if your dynamic company with ever-changing development goals seeks a quick solution and you cannot afford a long-lasting hiring process or your startup needs to augment the development team to achieve their business goals fast. Needless to say, we are happy to offer our services in case you need a temporary team to add some features to your finished product or you need some annoying bugs fixed.


#2 Question: What type of websites do you develop? 

At Platinaxe, we create beautiful custom-made and template-based websites. No matter you need e-commerce or a specialized website for your business, we are dedicated to creating a fast, secure, and high-quality website that will make a great impression on your visitors and will make you proud. 


#3 Question: Do you create modular websites, too?

Yes, you have the chance to opt for a modular website too. This is especially useful if you need a professional website developed fast and cheaply. Thanks to the qualities of modular websites, you don’t need to make a compromise, you can easily pick a nice design, have a high-quality website, yet save some money. 


#4 Question: Can you ensure fast hosting for the websites you develop?

Absolutely. Your website will be hosted on an array of super-fast servers and our team will fully take care of the entire process. We use hosting servers like VULTR, AWS, Google Cloud, and others to make sure our customers are happy with the speed and overall experience of the hosting of their websites.


#5 Question: What PHP frameworks and CMS do you use?

First, we need to mention that during our work process we use ClickUp with the Agile Sprint method, implementing CI/CD pipeline for a flawless workflow. As for PHP frameworks and CMS, we get the projects we work on done by our WordPress developers, Drupal, and Laravel coders, we also create websites and applications using Lumen, Joomla, or custom PHP, using OOP, SOLID and DRY principles.


#6 Question: Do you offer graphics or photos?

We are happy to say that our graphic design team is extremely talented and has years of experience creating visually appealing, modern designs. So in case you need 100% unique and high-quality designs or photos to build your brand, forget about overused stock photos and let us know what you need. We are looking forward to discussing your goals and delivering the best possible products. 


#7 Question: What tools do you use to create 3D graphics and video games?

When creating 3D graphics and video games, our team mainly relies on the remarkable features of Unreal Engine 4, the world’s most advanced real-time 3D creation platform made specifically to create photoreal visuals and mesmerizing experiences. So if you need help creating a video game or an interactive 3D application, look no further, we are your huckleberry!


#8 Question: What can I expect after I contact you?

Once you contact us, one of our experts will get back to you and start the process. The very first step is consultation when we will discuss your expectations and our technical abilities to complete your project. Once we are through this step, we are going to move on to the brainstorming process, then we will start developing your website or work on any other parts your project requires. 


#9 Question: Can I be involved in the testing process?

For sure! We are pleased to work with you throughout the whole process of your project development, especially during the testing phase. Your insights and advice are always welcome and muchly appreciated.


#10 Question: Do you offer any kind of support?

When you choose to work with us, you will benefit from the quick and dedicated support of our team you can rely on. You won’t need to wait for ages to get things resolved, our support team will immediately help you with any issue you might be experiencing.



We believe that building a strong digital presence starts with creating a professionally-made, high-quality website that can represent your business flawlessly. If you truly want to impress your target audience, you need to be customer-oriented and that includes presenting your products or services from the point of view of your clients.

Professional photos, well-written copy, and a great design are key to success. Here at Platinaxe, we aim for nothing but the best, developing websites that can make you proud. If you think we are a good fit to work together, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and discuss your future business goals with us! In case you have more questions or inquiries we are happy to answer them!

We are looking forward to learning about your business!