How to have a better converting website?

Wondering if your company could have achieved even better results this year by optimizing your website? A well-designed website is a game changer in attracting, converting and retaining new customers.

Consider these points for your landing page:


  • Have black text on white background. Not dark grey on light grey, or on colored background. It is the easiest on the eye, and best for readability. Use 14-18px font size. Nobody likes small text.
  • Never call your call-to-action buttons “Learn more”. It is the most boring label, and it implies to the visitor they need to spend time understanding what you offer. If they don’t understand it, they don’t need your product, and they will not spent time learning about it. This brings us to the next point:
  • Do NOT use blocks of text on your landing pages. Use short headings, descriptive images, and REAL screenshots or videos if you are offering a digital product. If you make people read, they will not convert. If you want no one to read your text, put a lot of it, and make sure it’s small.
    The job of your site is not to give a PHD of how your company/product works, but to drive a conversion. You can have a “Knowledge base” section of the site, where the detailed information belong.
  • Have an uncluttered main menu. 4-5 menu points are enough. Skip the “Home” menu, that should be the job of the logo. Consider grouping menus into drop downs, or use a two-tier navigation. A separate menu for the user account and contact links, above or below the main menu.
  • Never call your blog section “Blog”. It is a surefire way to make people skip it entirely.
  • Use Heading tags. One single H1 per page, then down to H2-H6 by importance, but remember: the site is one of your main marketing tool. This is where visitors are converting into customers. Do not make it a wikipedia with one single topic: your product.

Let’s make your website convert better!

Do these changes and see your numbers rising. There are many more things to consider, like performance, speed, SEO, security, accessibility, etc. Stay tuned for more tips, follow our LinkedIn page, check back on the site, or feel free to contact us.