5 Digital Marketing Strategies That Will Help You Get Leads In 2022

digital marketing strategies

Digital marketing strategies are constantly changing as each year brings new trends. As challenging it can be to adapt to these and integrate the new marketing strategies in your business, they are all worth considering, otherwise, you risk your competition getting ahead of you. 

But how about the latest trends? What can you do in 2022 to get more leads and turn them into customers? Today we are going to talk about this. We collected a list of 5 digital marketing strategies that will help you get leads easily. Ready? Let’s get into it.


#1 Improve your video marketing

Looking at the statistics of previous years and research concerning future trends, video marketing seems to be ruling digital marketing. In a world of such successful platforms like YouTube or TikTok, branded videos are very popular and businesses constantly find new ways to create good content and keep their audience engaged. So if your goal is to generate more traffic for your website and boost your leads, but you have never used video marketing before, it is time to reconsider your marketing strategy.

Aim for quality, so if you don’t have the necessary equipment, hire a professional to help you create the videos. Use video marketing to present your products or services in a way that makes a great impression. To generate more leads, be smart with the title and description of your video, use keywords that are relevant to your audience. Just think about it, “Learn how to cook the world’s most delicious broccoli” sounds so much better than “How to cook broccoli”. 


#2 The importance of SEO

We cannot discuss digital marketing without talking about SEO. While some people are convinced that SEO is dead, the truth is that to this day the tiniest SEO detail can make a huge difference in the success of your business. Let’s take Google ranking for example. You need to be smart with SEO to rank on the first page and sometimes the first page is not even enough, you need to be among the first results.

To build a top-notch digital strategy you need a strong SEO strategy, too. For this, you have to segment the queries you want to rank for. Also, you have to do some research and see how your competition does things SEO-wise to be able to get ahead of them. If you want to read more about search engine optimization and learn a few hacks that can help you boost the traffic of your website, we wrote a blog about the topic. Feel free to check it out!


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#3 Try influencer marketing

Yes, you heard us right. Influencer marketing is going strong, so why would you not benefit from the advantages it can bring to your business? This form of marketing is an efficient and cost-effective way to boost your leads. The only thing you should be careful with is choosing the right influencers for your campaigns. Make sure their audience is a good fit for your business and their followers are interested in buying the products or services you offer. Find the influencers that fit your niche, see if their communication aligns with the values you represent. Easy as that. 


#4 Do not forget about e-mail marketing

Now, this one is gold. To this day, email marketing is one of the most powerful and cost-effective digital marketing strategies you can rely on to turn leads into customers. A well-crafted e-mail can boost your sales, especially if the copy and messaging are on spot.

There are so many occasions you can rely on email marketing. You can send an email to your subscribers when you launch a new collection, add a new product or introduce a service to your business. You can notify your audience about sales, special promotions, you can offer them discount codes and coupons. But more importantly, you can be constantly in touch with your audience, helping them learn about your business and encouraging them to take action. 


#5 Let previous customers share their experience

For a moment, try to switch your focus and think from the point of view of someone who just came across your business for the first time. You see a brand, a website, a product, a service, it might look good, might be convincing, but something is still missing. As a brand no matter how hard you try to convince your lead that your brand is worth their trust and money, people will always have doubts.

For real credibility, you should show up some customer reviews as a reinforcement. Let your customers share their experience about shopping with you, encourage them to leave reviews on your official websites, social media platforms, or other third-party websites dedicated to brand reviews. This is another way to spread the word and it can generate more leads. People appreciate when a brand is transparent, so try to communicate clearly and concisely about the values, missions, and even challenges of your business. You can do this by replying to the reviews you get.

Bonus tip: if you sell products, let your customers add pictures of the items they purchased to their reviews. Show your leads that you are a trustworthy, legit business that is worth their money. 


Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed today’s article about 5 digital marketing strategies you can use to get more leads. If you would like to dive deeper into the world of marketing, SEO, and web development, check out our blog where we post regularly. See you in the next one!

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