12 reasons to start using Google Workspace (Part 2)

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Welcome back to our article of 12 reasons to start using Google Workspace. As you could see in the first part, Google Workspace has many advantages you as a business owner can benefit from. It makes your everyday life easier and helps you manage your time and team effortlessly.

Today, we are going to talk about 6 other reasons why you should give Google Workspace a try! Without further ado, let’s get into it.


#7 Advanced cooperation opportunities

While each of Google’s file editing apps has its own specific use case, they all have one thing in common: they allow multiple people to collaborate in real-time and have a range of features that make communication easier. Some of these are:

  • Coworker View – in a file opened by multiple people at once, you can see not only the list of visitors but also the location in the text or tab that is being edited. The colored markers belong to all your co-workers, so you can keep track of who is where, and what editing.
  • Comments – right-click on any text or table cell to leave a comment that can be referenced later by other collaborators. 
  • Suggestion mode – the suggestion is a way to add comments to Google Docs. It allows you to modify a text section without deleting the original content, and the file owner can decide whether to keep or reject the suggestion.
  • Notifications of comments and suggestions – you will be notified by email of any comments left on your files. For files created by someone else, you will be notified if someone tags you in the comment. 
  • Assign tasks to coworkers – if you tag someone in a comment, you can then turn the tag into a task for that colleague. 
  • Activity panel – this feature allows you to track file activity even after closing. The activity panel displays a list of visitors, browsing and commenting trends, and sharing history.
  • Tagging people and files within a text – Typing the “@” symbol in Google Docs opens a dialog box where you can select the file or person you want to tag. This feature is particularly useful when creating team action plans and to-do lists.
  • Sharing files in a meeting – Each file editor has a button to instantly share a file in a Google Meet video conference.
  • Google Chat – if many people are working on a file at the same time, instead of arguing in the comments thread, you can launch a chat window within the document to conveniently discuss current issues.
  • Files in Chat – When someone shares a file in a Google Chat room, they can use basic editing options to preview the file directly in the chat window without having to switch browser windows. 
  • Change history – you don’t have to worry about someone accidentally deleting an important part of your document, because Google apps keep a complete history of changes.  In case, you can restore an older version of a file at any time.


#8 Service customization through extensions

With all Google Workspace apps running online, there’s plenty of scope for external integration developers to create extensions that add specific functionality to Google’s tools. All Google-controlled extensions are collected on the Google Workspace Marketplace platform, where users can download them with a single click. Most are completely free, although some offer premium features. 

The availability of extensions means you can expand the functionality of the Google app in your account in any direction. Each employee can choose external applications that make their daily tasks easier, which is reflected in their efficiency.


#9 Create your own applications

Companies that want even more from their office software than what Google developers and add-ons offer can take advantage of Google Workspace‘s in-house app development tools. Interestingly, you don’t need a single developer to create customized extensions for your organization.

AppSheet – building applications without coding

AppSheet does not require programming experience to create an application or expand the capabilities of Google Workspace.  You can create all the features of your application using an interface that operates with NLP technology supported by machine learning. The complex code is thus translated into easy-to-understand formulas that resemble those known from the spreadsheets.

The apps built into AppSheet allow you to use a wide range of data sources and functions – from data from external apps and SQL databases to other sources, including Google Maps and Google Workspace apps such as Spreadsheets, Drive, Documents, Calendar and Meet.

AppSheet offers a myriad of options for creating business solutions and streamlining daily tasks, and the apps built on the platform can be deployed both as web (browser-based) and mobile (Android or iOS) applications.

App Script – create an application with a little coding

Apps Script is a development platform linked to Google Workspace that requires basic coding skills. Apps Script uses the JavaScript programming language and integrates natively with the Google Workspace API interface. It allows you to immediately create custom solutions that are unified with office applications such as Gmail, Documents, Drive, and Sheets. It also helps you automate processes within Google applications to speed up your daily activities.


#10 Control over company data

As a business owner using Google Workspace, you can decide on several aspects related to the processing of data generated by your employees.

Select the storage region

If you want to make sure your company’s data is processed in a particular country, you can choose the location of the servers that provide your Google Workspace instance in the admin console.

Data storage in Google Vault

Data retention in Google Vault Google Workspace gives businesses a tool to help with the proofing process. Google Vault is used to archive, store, search and export data from other Google applications.

Google Vault allows the Google Workspace administrator to set rules for archiving Gmail messages from employee accounts – messages that are subject to the rules are preserved even if someone deletes them from their inbox. Vault also lets you search Drive and Gmail content across your domain, and export evidence such as emails, chat messages, and files.

IRM Security

Information Rights Management is an administrative feature that prevents users from copying, printing, or downloading certain files from Google Drive. This option ensures that your most important business data is not processed anywhere outside of the Google cloud.

Sharing Restrictions

An administrator can prevent users from sharing files outside the company’s domain. However, in order to make sure that security rules do not interfere with communication with partners, you can create a so-called “whitelist” of trusted domains with which the company frequently collaborates. 


#11 Account management and security

Employee accounts often contain information that is essential to the proper functioning of the company and that needs special protection. Fortunately, Google Workspace provides administrators with plenty of useful tools to prevent attacks and data leaks.

Protecting the account access authorization process

The weakest link in security is always the user, so in Google Workspace you can apply additional layers of protection to employee account login credentials: 

  • Check password strength – In the administrative console, you can check how strong the passwords used by your employees are and set rules to require the use of more complex passwords.
  • 2-step verification – add an additional element during login to protect the account from being monitored.
  • Security Keys – U2F devices are enhanced versions of 2-Step Authentication where the user must have a physical USB key to log in.
  • SAML 2.0-based Single Sign-On – Single Sign-On is a service that allows you to access many applications from your Google Account.

Mobile device management

All mobile devices on which a user has signed in to a Google Account on your company’s domain are visible in the admin console. This allows the administrator to react quickly to suspicious activity by logging the employee out, or in special cases – by fully resetting the phone to factory settings. 

Data encryption

Google Workspace users’ data is encrypted both when stored and when uploaded. Files, emails, chat history, and other data related to activities in Google applications are protected by the latest cryptographic technology. 


#12 Discounts and full support from Google Partner

If you use Google Workspace, you can always count on help from a Google partner, such as FOTC. This means support from a team of certified experts in the Google ecosystem who speak English, understand the actualities of local markets and answer your questions in no time – all while reducing the cost of Google services. 

If you decide to use FOTC to enlarge your business in Google Workspace, you’ll get:

  • Fast implementation of the service
  • Complete data migration from old accounts to Google Workspace,
  • Opportunity to train administrators and users
  • 24/7 technical support in English
  • Advice on the benefits of expanding your Google ecosystem
  • 30-day free trial of Google Workspace.


Closing Thoughts

We hope our articles helped you learn about the best features of Google Workspace. Relying on this smart tool on a daily basis to manage your team makes a huge difference, so don’t hesitate to get familiar with the broad range of benefits of Google Workspace.